8 Things NOT To Do in Dallas, Texas

8 Things NOT To Do in Dallas, Texas

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According to thrillist.com:

1. Don’t Order that extra late-night taquito at Whataburger
It always sounds like a good idea. Until… well, if you’ve done it, you know. And you’ve probably done it.
Whataburgers open 24hrs, really nice tasting junk food.
But not healthy 3am junk food – repeats on ya.

2. Don’t get Time Warner Cable
Internet and Telephone cable service with stunningly bad reviews and reportedly lazy technicians!

3. Don’t drive anywhere during an ice storm
The ice is bla. Again, BLACK ICE. It sounds like a death metal band. The emphasis on “Death”.
Black ice is invisible frozen water puddles on roads.

4. Don’t Shop at Wal-Mart past midnight
Especially Super Wal-Mart. You will see things you can’t un-see.

5. Don’t sit on a patio in peak summertime
Quit kidding yourself and pretending those patio misters are actually doing anything. Embrace the AC.

6. Don’t Leave your car outside when there’s hail forecast
Goodness gracious great balls of, ICE.

7. Don’t Go to IKEA in Frisco on a Saturday
Unless you’ve always been curious what hell looks like.

8. Don’t Take flash flood and Tornado warnings lightly.
Unless you’re fond of using your car as a flotation device or airplane.
Over the last 60 years a total of 172 tornadoes have been reported in either Tarrant or Dallas counties.
In 2012 the Dallas-Fort Worth area was hit by two tornadoes simultaneously!