La Plata, Missouri USA – Virtual Railfan LIVE

La Plata, Missouri USA – Virtual Railfan LIVE

CURRENT LIVE STREAMS: La Plata, MO (BNSF Southern Transcon LA-Chicago)

West Cam:

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Our Chat area is family friendly chat and open to all to enjoy. Since this is a family friendly area we ask that you follow some simple rules. We’re not going to hand out infractions, or warnings or anything like that. This is a zero tolerance policy and you will be banned from the chat as well as the ability to view the cams.


– Suggestions are great! Due to the high volume of suggestions we get on a daily basis it’s best if you already have a location that wants a train cam or is willing to host one. Before suggesting a location please make sure you already have permission or contact information. Depending on the location you could be eligible for a finders fee.

– Please refrain from asking when the next train is coming. Our more knowledgeable members will offer information when it’s available. There is no set schedule for freight, but you can track Amtrak yourself here:

– You will be immediately banned for Inappropriate user names, spamming, links, asking for channel subs, excessive emojis, letters and symbols, cursing, name calling and generally being disruptive to the chat.

– The topic of the chat is TRAINS. Chatting about other things within the view of the camera is fine, but please do not comment on each car, it’s color, and if they are/are not following the rules of the road.

– Please use English in the chat room.

-This is the Virtual Railfan network, please don’t announce trains that aren’t on this cam. Giving false heads up for a train will result in being banned from chat. Do not mention things on your personal channel.

– DO NOT ask to become a moderator. If interested in your assistance, we will contact you.

– Do not start or perpetuate drama, arguments, and overall annoyances.

– Avoid repeating yourself. If you are asking a question, be patient and you will usually receive an answer from our knowledgeable team and/or other viewers.

– Do not write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

– Be respectful to other members.

– For 360* cams, do not ask for pan, zoom, and to move the camera. If a mod with access to these features is available, they will move the camera as they seem fit for viewing.