Top Free Things to Do in Austin, Texas in One Day!

Top Free Things to Do in Austin, Texas in One Day!

We are going to explore Austin, Texas – but we only have one day!

No matter; we are going to do as much free stuff as possible with the short amount of time that we have!

Traveling doesn’t have to be super expensive. We will do some cool things we do in Austin for free.

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Some of the fun things that you can do for free in Denver are:

1) Walk around the South Congress Bridge and explore the parks/green areas around!

2) South Congress Avenue (SoCo) is a great place to explore and see cool shops, arts and sights.

3) Bats Under the Congress Avenue Bridge – it’s a great phenomenon to see clouds of bats darken the sky. Plus, it’s a gorgeous place to see the sunset.

4) The State Capitol Building – free guided tours! Also, the grassy areas outside resemble a giant park with statues so it’s a great place for a stroll.

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South Congress Hotel – Austin, TX Review!

This hotel was nice and clean. It had everything we needed. It was also very quiet at night.

I enjoyed my stay here. I thought it was a bit pricey for not being in the center of downtown Austin, but it was walking distance to a lot of food and coffee shops. It’s in a very hip area of town.

If you wanted to go on a boat to see the bats, here is a breakdown of the cost.

As you can tell, they are obviously closed because the bats migrated to Mexico for the winter. If you want to see the bats come to Austin in mid to late May. I guess I’ll just have to catch them next time.

We visited the visitor’s center before heading into the State Capital building.

There wasn’t much inside…I wouldn’t waste your time going in.

There were a lot of different statues to look at before heading into the actual building.

The tours last about 30 minutes. What’s cool about the tour is that they offer specialized tours during different holidays. For example, if you come during October there’s a special Halloween tour where you hear about the hauntings urban myths and ghostly tales of the capitol. Everything is on their website! I just got the normal boring capitol tour. Boooo…..

Did you know the state capital is supposedly haunted? The most popular sighting reported was of Robert Marshall Love who was a state comptroller who was shot and killed in his office by a disgruntled employee in 1903. People have reported seeing misty apparitions of men and women in period clothing walking in the corridors or appearing and disappearing in rooms and hallways. Oooo spooky, I didn’t see anything myself, though. That would have been fun hahaha.

Oopsie – we accidentally walked out of the building…didn’t want to go through security again so we just decided to call it a day. Heading to the airport now. Since we’re waiting for our Uber, might as well take some shots.

I wasn’t able to do much in just one day. I’m sure Austin has a lot more free things to offer. Austin: I will be back to explore some more in the future.

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